About Staffactory


People and time are your most valuable assets. That’s why it’s critical to partner with a firm with the tools and processes to quickly and accurately identify, screen and recruit people who fit your organization.

Staffactory is a staffing solutions company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. With Staffactory you get a nationwide reach and wide business network with a variety of services all under one roof and most importantly, personal attention to all your requirements. Our services and team are focused on meeting today’s complex needs of the companies in technical domain. We, at Staffactory understand that every client will have a unique problem and work on creating tailor-made solutions specific to your immediate needs and devise strategy for long term needs.

Staffactory Benefits

The Cost Benefit

Staffactory aims to provide solutions that will give best value to the client. Keeping this in mind, our services are priced in a way that helps you get what you want without burning hole in your pocket


In fast paced environment, we are keen to take learnings from every success or failure and use them in future. Our creative resources are valued for ability to provide out-of-the-box solutions to problems.

Embracing Change

We understand that in a fast paced environment, the requirements are dynamic and may change with time. At Staffactory, we are open to change and can ramp up/down as per your needs.

Escalation Management

Though our team works diligently to make sure there are no complaints, however, should you ever feel the need, we have well defined escalation management path.


We are change agents and quick-fixers, with complete focus on delighting our customers. We strive to change the impossible to possible.

Delivery Time

At Staffactory we understand that ‘Time is Money’. Our delivery keeps this in mind and we ensure that we keep the commitment.

Why Join Staffactory?

Staffactory considers its human resources as a valuable asset with the point of always keeping the inspiration levels high among its specialists and process masters. Staffactory firmly puts stock in giving above industry normal wages and benefits to our employees. We aim to constantly improve our Employee Compensation Plan.

With a strong team of recruiters, our people work round the clock to find a best suitable position that matches best with your profile. Staffactory help you grow in your specialized field of work and help you achieve your career goals.

Benefits for our employees


Flexible Fringe Benefits.










Employee as


Variable Year-End Bonuses.


Industry Specific Training.


Travel and Subsistence Policy.

Leadership Thought

The idea that led to founding of Staffactory is a simple one. Businesses should be able to focus on their core competency while trying to bring more value to their shareholders. At Staffactory, we believe in being a change agent for the way companies do business and derive value.

Our leaders are cognizant of the fact that while there is a lot of work available in the consulting domain, but being complacent of the past wins can prove costly. Our leadership team believes in the idea of continually revaluating and reinventing ourselves. Our leaders align the team with a common vision to focus on end goals, letting each individual define the means to reach there. Integrity and honesty in business is our motto and we stand by it, even if that means taking some difficult decisions.

We aim to create emotional bonds bringing in a feeling of being an important part of the organization.