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Salem, Oregon


October 21, 2020


Information Technology





Job# J1019

Project/Program Manager IV

About The Opportunity

  • The Office of Information Services (OIS) is a shared service provider for the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Department of Human Services (DHS). OIS provides the technology systems and services that support more than 11,000 OHA and DHS agency staff at local offices and facilities around the state. These systems and services help the two agencies determine client service program eligibility; provide medical, housing, food and job assistance; provide addiction, mental health, vocational and rehabilitative services; protect children, seniors and people with physical and/or developmental disabilities; process claims and benefits; manage provider licensing and state hospital facilities; and promote and protect the state public health.
  • OIS seeks an experienced Project Manager 4 with expertise to lead the Exposure Notification Express (EN Express) App project strategy and implementation, driving awareness and adoption of the EN Express app across the state of Oregon.

Job Description

  • EN Express is a voluntary exposure notification app designed to help state public health officials minimize the spread of COVID-19 by offering a digital tool to supplement the work performed by human contact tracers. The State of Oregon is partnering with an alliance of Western States (CA, WA, NV, CA and ID), Google and Apple to offer the residents of Oregon an additional way to stay safe, protect their families and help our Oregon communities return to work, school and recreational activities together. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is striving to inspire 20-30% of the population of Oregon to adopt the EN Express App within a week of a statewide launch in Dec/Jan. This EN Express Launch PM role will lead all strategic and tactical efforts to maximize adoption of the app.
  • Tasks:
  • Generate Grassroots Support
  • Develop a prioritized list of influencers across the state of Oregon. Consider prioritizing engagement with a wide variety of types of individuals (ranging from local elected officials to local religious leaders, local sports/entertainment personalities and more).
  • Educate and inspire the highest priority influencers on exposure notification, contact tracing and the role that a voluntary mobile app can play in helping to keep their constituents, fans, communities and families safe.
  • Build and execute a social media campaign across multiple social channels to build trust in the state‚Äôs work and, ultimately, generate interest in and adoption of EN Express.
  • Build and Execute Marketing Campaign
  • Develop strategy and execute a state-wide marketing campaign for the launch of EN Express.
  • Reach out to potential PR and marketing agency partners to solicit interest in doing pro bono work for the state around the launch of EN Express. Measure Impact
  • Leverage capabilities and metrics provided by Google, Apple and the State of Oregon to analyze success of EN Express launch in Oregon. Share lessons learned with Google, Apple, the State of Oregon and the Western States coalition.

Required Skills

    REQUIRED Skills and experience:
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Master skills involving follow up and follow through.
  • Proven ability to develop and execute marketing plans.
  • Proven ability to leverage social media & other methods to generate grassroots support for an issue, person, candidate, or product.
  • A sense of urgency.
  • Able to simplify and personalize complicated ideas (tech privacy & infectious disease control) into compelling stories or understandable narratives that inform, persuade and inspire others to follow.


5 Months

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