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Raleigh, North Carolina


October 27, 2020


Information Technology





Job# J1036

Technical Specialist - Senior - High

About The Opportunity

The Technical Specialist is a senior level resource with specialized knowledge and experience in a specific technology.

Job Description

  • ***The candidate will be allowed to work remotely until all staff return to site. At that point the candidate will be required to come onsite. The candidate will need to come onsite the first day to collect equipment.
  • The Software Asset Management (SAM) Specialist is responsible for the gathering and inputting of data related to software purchases and licenses into NCDOT’s Software Asset Management platform (Flexera FlexNet Manager). The SAM Specialist is expected to manage the license terms and license counts to help optimize NCDOT’s software license position to further reduce cost expenditures related to license over-purchase. The SAM Specialist will coordinate with NCDIT Transportation Procurement team and NCDIT Transportation Integrations Team on a routine basis to complete their responsibilities. Knowledge of various vendor licensing terms and conditions is expected. The SAM Specialist will be expected to assist with software license true-ups while leveraging the SAM Tool.

Required Skills

  • Experience with Flexera FlexNet Manager for Software Asset Management Required 5 Years
  • Experience with on-boarding software contracts and inputting contract / license data into a SAM tool (preferably it would be FlexNet Manager) Required 5 Years
  • Knowledge of specific vendor licensing schemes from vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, VMWare, etc. Required 5 Years
  • Experience managing licenses in both allocation and reclamation via Flexera’s SAM tools to ensure license compliance and forecast upsizing or downsi Required 5 Years
  • Familiarity with ServiceNow Desired 2 Years
  • Familiarity with other Flexera tools such as AppBroker / AppPortal is also a plus but not required Desired 2 Years


12 Months

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