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San Jose, California


November 3, 2020


Information Technology





Job# J1054

Cobol Programmer

About The Opportunity

Note: Work Order will be awarded on an individual basis, based on the specific needs described herein.

Job Description

  • Senior Software Engineer (Mainframe): Under general supervision, to design, code, test, implement and support application software, and to write new programs and/or support upgrades, maintenance or issue resolution to existing programs. Must be a self-starter able to work independently. Troubleshoots existing information systems to identify errors or deficiencies, and identifies alternative and/or innovative solutions to technical problems
  • Uses a disciplined development process that is: Structured, has High cohesion, low coupling, uses Normalization, has Conformance to naming standards, and places every work product under configuration-management control. Individual complies with System Change Notice (SCN) procedures (managed releases)
  • Tasks:
  • Develop, test Code in the mainframe to consume interface messages and enforce business rules as the data is persisted in the Mainframe application.
  • Analyze existing interface programs to understand the existing business rules and understand the data coming in to enhance existing programs.
  • Stand up and test SOAP Web services in the Mainframe to provide integration points for other systems, primarily being invoked from a Software AG Enterprise service bus.
  • Document the transaction flow in a manner that others can read and understand how the data is processed and what key factors are involved with keeping integrity in each transaction.

Required Skills

    Contract Term: 4-6 months
  • Schedule: Full-Time – On-site All work hours will be at billed at the same base rate regardless of the number of hours worked per billing period.
  • Training and Experience: Sufficient education, training, and experience to demonstrate the possession and direct application of the following knowledge and abilities.
  • Education:
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college
  • Skills & Abilities:
  • Must be experienced in developing COBOL applications and Web Services in a Mainframe environment.
  • Knowledge of IBM DB2, COBOL, CICS, JCL required.
  • Experience:
  • Minimum of five (5) years programming/systems experience in a mainframe environment, three (3) years of which is at the level comparable to the County\'s Associate Application Developer classification.
  • On-Site Requirements: On-call help may be required. All work hours will be at billed at the same base rate regardless of the number of hours worked per billing period.


6 Months

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