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Raleigh, North Carolina


January 27, 2021


Information Technology





Job# J1136

SAS Server Administrator - Expert

About The Opportunity

The Division of Public Health with NC DHHS seeks a SAS Administrator for the State of North Carolina Health Center.

Job Description

  • The SAS Administrator would need to have at least 5+ years of product implementation and administration of SAS BI, DI and Analytics related products. The SAS Server Administrator provides operational enhancements, maintenance, installation, and support of the SAS Server platform. This includes providing SAS platform security management, SAS application and underlying infrastructure support (OS, Storage, SAS 9.4 Applications, Web and Database) and ensuring processes are aligned with tactical and strategic information management initiatives.
  • Initial job responsibilities surround supporting the COVID-19 epidemiology team in the Division of Public Health. Specific first tasks are to migrating their mission-critical, unscheduled, desktop SAS processes that daily process case and test data to a recently purchased on-premise SAS Server for scheduled automation as stored processes. The Department of Health and Human Services is engaged in a culture shift toward being more data centric, less siloed, and more democratized and harmonized data access and processing.
  • Rather than take ownership of these distributed processes, the SAS Administrator will support this ongoing culture shift by empowering, up-training, and collaborating with analysts and epidemiologists to identify, document / diagram, prioritize, and optimize their code for migration to the server. The SAS Administrator will train core team members to automate and schedule their own mission-critical code, growing this automation team of users while providing oversight of job scheduling, performance tuning, and process balancing using tools like SAS Management Console, Data Integration Studio, and SAS Enterprise Guide (SAS EG).
  • This SAS Administrator will need to collaborate with diverse teams, including epidemiologists, analysts, and IT administrators. These teams manage related resources that are sources or destinations of SAS Server processes, including but not limited to BI systems and existing ETL processes on Amazon AWS / RedShift, Tableau Server, network share drives, SFTP locations, and internal and external relational databases.
  • After prioritizing COVID-19 SAS code, future tasks may include supporting other DPH SAS team processes on other content areas (infectious disease, injury and overdose, vital records, etc.); strategizing across languages (SAS is commonly used but other languages like R, SQL, and Python are also used); support of cloud SAS Server spec, purchasing, and administration; and consideration of other SAS suite products like Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) Server and Information Delivery Portal, etc.
  • The SAS Administrator also ensures the platform is positioned for compliance with IT policies and standards and agreed upon service levels.

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6 Months

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