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Raleigh, North Carolina


February 5, 2021


Information Technology





Job# J1161

SQL Developer/SSIS Expert

About The Opportunity

The NC Community College System (NCCCS) is seeking one expert SQL Developer, with preference given to expertise in AWS, RedShift, and extensive SSIS experience. This position with work with the NCCCS in Raleigh, NC, and the 58 NC community colleges.

Job Description

  • ****Candidates will be allowed to work remotely. However, he/she does need to be onsite as required, likely once a week. The candidates will need to be in Raleigh so he/she can come onsite at short notice. Candidates need to be local to Raleigh, NC.
  • The individual will be accountable for successful design, development and delivery of SQL solutions within on prem and cloud environments. An ideal candidate will be someone who leads, develops, maintains, and integrates processes for a data warehouse that will extract data from standardized or varied data sources and transforms data for storing in proper formats and structures for querying and analysis using SSIS. This would include loading data into an operational data store (ODS), and a dimensional model (EDM). Responsible for architecting, testing, implementation of solution as well as mentoring and training other SSIS/ETL developers in technology and business processes.
  • Expected Skills: Able to work without assistance; can provide leadership to others; able to manage highly complex work efforts; may have advanced education; may have extensive industry experience. Responsibilities (including, but not limited to):
  • 1. Data analysis and database management
  • 2. Strong experience using SSIS as the ETL tool in a data warehouse environment.
  • 3. Exercises, in conjunction with the enterprise data architect, independent decision making to creates processes which initiate the ETL, developing stream-lined processes for extracted data loading to destination databases.
  • 4. Performs data profiling of source data to identify data quality issues and anomalies, business knowledge embedded in data, gathering of natural keys, and metadata information.
  • 5. Creates data validation rules on source data to confirm the data has correct and/or expected values.
  • 6. Creates process cleanup after complex ETL processes which release resources used to run ETL. This would include error handling and SSIS restart.
  • 7. Designs and implements technology best practices, guidelines, and repeatable processes.
  • 8. (Physical) Environment-level administration; installation/patch/upgrade of database software; management of HA, database-level security; maintenance of database configuration files and data files; completion of database reorganizations, environment tuning, refreshes, exports and imports, backup and recovery; performance of capacity planning driven by technology and resource usage trends

Required Skills

  • This work order is essential for service delivery of the following: A new System Office Analytical Data Warehouse in the cloud.
  • The DBA Team has one (1) SQL Server Administrator on staff. These positions will work with the DBA team in conjunction with the Data Warehouse team.


12 Months

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