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Raleigh, North Carolina


February 25, 2021


Information Technology





Job# J1204

Technical Specialist - Senior - Normal

About The Opportunity

The Technical Specialist is a senior level resource with specialized knowledge and experience in a specific technology.

Job Description

  • ***The candidate will be allowed to work remotely but will be expected to work onsite once staff return to site. ***The candidate will need to come onsite the first day to collect equipment.
  • Interviews for this position will be scheduled in January 2021.
  • Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Installing, customizing, maintaining, and supporting a variety of mainframe software using DIT standards and recommended best practices provided by the vendor
  • Using specialized software to monitor system performance, include making necessary adjustments to provide maximum performance of the system and system software
  • Analyzing problems reported by clients and internal staff and working with vendors and clients to determine solutions and establish corrective action plans

Required Skills

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities / Competencies
  • Knowledge of IBM z/OS product maintenance lifecycle
  • Experience with VTAM, TCIP/IP, NJE, EE, Mainframe print, OSA, and CTC configurations
  • Experience with various File Transfer Protocols and Mainframe configuration including encryption
  • Strong oral and written communication skills within a business and/or technical context to interact effectively with technical and non-technical personnel with a wide variety of technical resources
  • Strong analytical skills to troubleshoot problems and determine solutions and establish corrective action plans

Desired Skills

    Demonstrated experience using:
  • Mainframe Print (LRS, VPS, and DRS, InfoPrint Server)
  • Mainframe Protocols (SFTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, openSSH, telnet/TN3270, etc...)
  • IBM Sterling Connect:Direct, TIbco Managed File Transfer
  • NetView
  • VISARA mainframe console concentrator


12 Months

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Vomsi Kumar

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