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Salem, Oregon


March 2, 2021


Information Technology





Job# J1215

Project/Program Manager III

About The Opportunity

Individuals with successful project management experience limited to projects of small scope, limited risk and complexity and/or of short duration. Individuals at this level will typically be assigned to manage projects under the direction of a State supervisor or manager. Individuals with this level of experience are suitable for small Client Agency projects with clear, achievable outcomes, or in assignment as project support on larger projects. Individuals at this level can also be used to in the capacity of a Project Controller, provided that they can satisfy the basic requirements of that position. Advanced level: Individuals with a mastery of project management skills, qualifications and experience. This individual shall function effectively with very little supervision, while maintaining a high professional standard. They are assigned to extremely complex and/or high risk projects that reflect the highest priorities of state government. These individuals are comfortable working with the highest levels of state government and are able to contribute to the furtherance of the states’ objectives. These individuals have the necessary skills and experience to assist in statewide project portfolio management and/or IT Investment Management.

Job Description

  • The purpose of this request is to procure Project Management services for ODOT Transportation Application Development Branch (Support Services Project Delivery section) to support the Payroll Modernization project. The primary tasks the contractor will perform are as follows:
  • The Contractor shall:
  • Facilitate technical reviews, processes, policies and operations for Project Management Office (PMO).
  • Ensure completion of project documentation.
  • Manage Testing effort on ODOT Teams interfaces, and internal application interfaces.
  • Organize and lead the technical staff in coordination with the agency, vendors, and Department of Administration Services (DAS).
  • Report on the progress of the technical tasks to the Senior Executive, Project Sponsors, and the PMO.
  • Manage project scope and schedule for project activities in accordance with project priorities.
  • Coordinate with the technical team resources, PMO, and Architectural Review group during the designing, coding, testing of all interfaces and related application development work.
  • Schedule applicable quality assurance reviews for deliverables in coordination with the PMO.
  • Manage outstanding technical issues.
  • Perform risk management
  • Enforce effective change control
  • Mentor project members
  • Promote good working relationships

Required Skills

  • Strong analysis skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Experience developing solution and operational documentation


12 Months

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