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Lansing, Michigan


March 12, 2021


Information Technology





Job# J1247

EGLE - Software Test Analyst 3

About The Opportunity

Develops, publishes, and implements test plans for the MIEDWIS Project.

Job Description

  • Lead Test Team member for the EGLE MiEDWIS Project. Responsible for creating Test closure reports in addition to the requirements for all test team members listed below.
  • Evaluates and tests new or modified software programs and software development procedures used to verify that programs function according to user requirements and conform to establishment guidelines: Writes, revises, and verifies quality standards and test procedures for program design and product evaluation to attain quality of software economically and efficiently. Reviews new or modified program, including documentation, diagram, and flow chart, to determine if program will perform according to user request and conform to guidelines. Works within an Agile development environment. Ability to use various data selection tools like Access and SQL to analyze data. Creates, monitors, and tests data migration efforts. Maintains and monitors system environmental data for testing purposes. Recommends program improvements or corrections to programmers. Reviews computer operating log to identify program processing errors. Enters instructions into the computer to test program for validity of results, accuracy, reliability, and conformance to establishment standards. Sets up tests at request of user to locate and correct program operating error following installation of program. Conducts compatibility tests with vendor-provided programs. Monitors program performance after implementation to prevent reoccurrence of program operating problems and ensure efficiency of operation. Writes documentation to describe program evaluation, testing, and correction. Will use Microsoft Azure Dev Ops to document and report on testing defects. Experience with other systems that administers permits or licenses is a plus.

Required Skills

Develops, publishes, reviews, and implements test cases. Evaluates, recommends, and implements automated test tools and strategies. Develops, publishes, and review UAT documentation. Maintains, reviews, and coordinates testing for the migration of current system data. Also writes, implements, and reports status for system test cases for testing. Analyzes test cases and provides regular progress reports. Participates in the testing process through test review and analysis, test witnessing and certification of software. Monitors data within the test environment. Performs tests against data migration efforts.


3 Months

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