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Durham, North Carolina


March 16, 2021


Information Technology





Job# J1250

Agile Lead

About The Opportunity

NC FAST requires the services of an experienced Agile Lead with good experience in managing Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe efforts to assist and transform teams in development and implementation of IT applications using best practices of Agile methodology.

Job Description

  • NC FAST is looking for an experienced Agile Lead with real-world experience in supporting Scrum, Kanban, SAFe transformation efforts to assist teams in development and implementation of IT applications. Resource should be able to lead the planning and execution of development and delivery of efforts for one or more products to a high standard. Resource should be coachable, and knows how to work with multiple functions, including Product Owners, Scrum/flow Masters, Developers, and Stakeholders. Knows how to execute and follow the Agile transformation strategies laid out by Agile Transformation Coach and transformation team, works as a good team player in enabling people to understand, learn and behave in an agile way that drives customer and business value while creating a healthy, agile team culture. The ideal candidate should be able to work in self-directed and not always in prescribed mode, works on more complex issues and serves as a resource to others.
  • Responsibilities:
  • Partner with ITD Agile transformation coach, Other agile Leads and Scrum/flow Masters, and Team members across the organization to align and drive consistency and transparency throughout the organization.
  • Develop strategies to obtain program objectives that aligns with the overall organizational strategy as defined by DHHS ITD Agile Transformation Coach and the Transformation team.
  • Assess the Agile maturity and skill-growth for IT Lines of Business, programs, teams and provides training, coaching and feedback as required.
  • Own the team’s development methodology; Drives adoption of Agile practices, techniques, and frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban, reducing the gap between agile theory and practice.
  • Coach Scrum/Flow Masters, Product Owners, Development Team members, and be coachable.
  • Mentor and guide agile teams on their journey from ground zero to becoming self-sustaining, high performing agile teams.
  • Work with appropriate technical team to create and manage workflows that support metrics and Kanban/Scrum boards in Jira.
  • Drives adoption of DevOps practices and frameworks to improve automation and team autonomy.
  • Fosters an environment of mutual respect and cooperation, collaboration, transparency, agility, learning, innovation, quality, and speed of execution.
  • In collaboration with functional manager or Team leads, coordinates day-to-day operation of effort Development using the appropriate agile methodology.
  • Partners with business leadership/product owners to manage EPICS, Stories, tasks, and product commitments in an Agile framework to rapidly deliver value to our customers.
  • Develops and communicates reporting metrics and/or program dashboards to stakeholders and leadership.

Required Skills


8 Months

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