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Denver, Colorado


March 26, 2019


Information Technology





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Help Desk Support II

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Identity and Access Management Analyst

Job Description

  • The Governor’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) work unit is responsible for how users within an organization are given an identity - and how it is protected, including saving critical applications, data and systems from unauthorized access while managing the identities and access rights of people both inside and outside the organization. The IAM analyst will be responsible for account provisioning for the 17 executive branch agencies throughout the lifecycle of the employee/non-employee. This would include Active Directory, CA Service Desk Management, Customer Service Portal, and agency line of business applications. The analyst will work closely with various security administrators/security liaisons, IAM analysts and other functional teams.
  • Cooperative agreement:
  • This position facilitates identity and access management. The position is liable for ensuring that customer requests for security access is completed in a timely manner, provides second level technical support to the project team, end users and functional groups. This position will perform ticket management and at times participate in project meetings. It is the responsibility of the IAM analyst to manage Identity and access across state systems by providing the right person, the right access at the right time.
  • Terms and Conditions:
  • As a condition of employment you may be required to submit to additional background checks and/or screenings during the course of your employment.
  • Contract staff is required to observe the Colorado Cyber Security Policies, as published and updated by the Office of Cyber Security. These policies provide guidelines concerning vendor security controls and vendor reporting and monitoring. Please reference Policy P-CCSP-005 concerning vendor management.

Required Skills

  • The Identity and Access Management unit is responsible for provisioning support which includes ticket management, customer service, and knowledge of least privilege methodology with security rights, permissions and groups, experience with Active Directory, CA Service Desk, and Mainframe. Due to the importance of this position, it is expected that a person supporting IAM has basic troubleshooting skills with networking and computer systems, can multitask, work in a fast paced environment while providing excellent customer service.
  • Experience on Identity and Access Management and the operation of identity and access processes and controls for Active Directory, Email and Collaboration Platforms and cloud based solutions
  • Strong analytical skills/problem solving/conceptual thinking/process engineering
  • Ability to be comfortable delivering messages across a wide spectrum of individuals having varying degrees of technical understanding
  • Experience in Information Technology / Information Security / Identity and Access Management


3 Months

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