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Atlanta, Georgia


March 28, 2019


Information Technology





Job# J408

Software Developer

About The Opportunity

Job Description

  • Interacting with users, analysis, designing, coding, testing and implementation.
  • Ability to develop software using API provided by Alfresco document management and Activiti Work Flow management
  • Software development using object oriented technologies - J2EE Architecture in EJB 3.0, CDI, CMIS, Spring, Hibernate and Service/DAO architecture.
  • Unit testing of the code, supporting system testing and regression testing by tester and business team
  • Work in Linux environment, fully understand server configurations
  • Perform database operations including writing sql for creating/updating tables/views/ procedures/ functions, data cleanup, data migration (from legacy system) and data testing.
  • Working with maven as a built tool for dependency injection and Eclipse as an IDE.
  • Design rich user interface using JSF 2.2.5 as front-end framework, Shiro 1.3.0 and PrimeFaces 6.0.0 as component library for generating web pages, validations, security permissions, navigation rules, and components for interaction.
  • Use Hibernate(4.3.5) JPA as an ORM tool for connecting to database (oracle 12c) and accessing information.
  • Designing various user Reports using database views and frontend frameworks like primefaces components (pdf and excel exporter).
  • Implementing end to end (frontend, middleware, and backend) development of a use-case.
  • Designing various board forms and communication templates containing dynamic mapped fields and values from the application using Jasper Reports (itext) and Aspose to generate PDF/Word documents.
  • Using Mantis tool defect tracking and development updates.
  • Developing scan interface for documents to be accepted via scan mode using REST webservice, JSON.
  • Using GIT for Revision control and Version control of a software.
  • Implement industry standard coding practices involving code commenting, documentation, peer reviews, unit testing
  • Applying agile methodology and attended scrum meetings on a regular basis.
  • Using J-meter and Selenium for stress testing and performance improvements.
  • Education:
  • Bachelor of Computer Science or Engineering or related fields is minimum education requirement.

Required Skills

  • EJB Advanced 4-5 yrs Yes
  • Hibernate Advanced 4-5 yrs Yes
  • JPA Advanced 4-5 yrs Yes
  • JSF Expert 4-5 yrs Yes
  • SQL Proficient 4-5 yrs Yes


3 Months

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Shaun Stewart

Sr. Executive Recruiter
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