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Columbia, South Carolina


April 4, 2019


Information Technology





Job# J437

CL - Enterprise Program Manager - Consultant

About The Opportunity

Working under the direction of the Deputy CIO, within the SC Department of Administration, candidate will provide the following:

Job Description

  • Effective, efficient management of the client/server computing environment to deliver services securely and accurately to customers
  • Establish duties, schedule work, establish priorities, and evaluate the performance of Windows, Linux and Unix server team members ensuring, always, these efforts conform to the appropriate operational and security standards, policies and procedures
  • Coordinate closely with the customer service office to provide, manage and ensure a high quality of customer service is provided to all customers
  • Provide regular briefings, presentations and written updates on projects as well as on daily tasks assigned to employee and the teams under his/her management Oversee the implementation and maintenance of secure, optimized systems and services with robust disaster recovery capabilities for and its customers
  • The Program Manager will be responsible for the following:
  • Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Manage the daily work activities of the Windows, Linux and Unix server teams through establishing tasks, scheduling work, establishing priorities and evaluating the performance of team members. Directly manage area supervisors within these various teams, confirming that work is being assigned and executed in accordance with priorities, security compliance requirements, and customer service standards. Oversee daily technical operations of the Windows, Linux and Unix server teams by reviewing system performance reports, backup and restore operations, trouble reporting and trouble resolution efforts, and general system health of all systems that provide client/server services to accomplish high customer satisfaction with provided services. Ensure that security standards and data protection requirements are an integral part of all systems and services.
  • Monitor service incidents/requests for quality and timely handling, appropriate action taken when tickets are stalled, this will require subordinate supervisors to manage their team\'s tickets appropriately.
  • Oversee and manages the Windows, Linux and Unix server, desk top engineering and virtual desktop hardware infrastructure and services. Manages hardware life cycle for all server environments through scheduling hardware upgrades, migrations, consolidations, virtualization, fault tolerance, security and stability to execute customer business functions efficiently. Meet with vendors to evaluate current and future technology with a view toward modernizing, consolidating and implementing technologies and systems that will promote the operations of efficient, cost effective delivery of customer service.
  • Work closely with administrative offices to carry out purchasing, billing, HR, asset management and recovery functions in order that the team operates efficiently and effectively. Closely monitor the financial activities of his/her section, ensuring that the various server groups operate within their budgets, that customers are billed accurately in a timely manner, and that revenue recovery activities accurately function to cover operational costs.
  • Work closely with the customer service office and the project management office to respond to customer requests for service by creating detailed planning/implementation documentation, conducting thorough needs assessments, evaluating status of current service delivery efforts, documenting system outages, preparing mitigation documentation for dissemination to customer, and by developing and coordinating completion of technical service proposals as needed and/or requested.
  • Establish, manage and oversee the implementation and execution of procedures, processes and policies for all technical activities within the various server teams, insure by personal example, professional knowledge and regular reviews of both his/her own and his/her team\'s activities whether on-site or working remotely, that daily operations, procedures and processes conform to and are compliant with standards and policies, and all appropriate statutory and regulatory requirements. All operations, procedures and processes will properly secure data, applications and communications conforming specifically to STO security standards, policies and procedures.

Required Skills

  • Administrative Document Management Yes 1 Lead Currently Using 6 + Years
  • Miscellaneous Ability to deal effectively with the needs of technical peers, technical and user management, users, vendors, and staff members, and to communicate clearly and effectively in spoken and written form Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 6 + Years
  • Miscellaneous Customer service skills Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 6 + Years
  • Operating Systems/APIs Linux Yes 1 Lead Currently Using 6 + Years
  • Operating Systems/APIs storage area network (SAN) Yes 1 Lead Currently Using 6 + Years
  • Operating Systems/APIs UNIX Yes 1 Lead Currently Using 6 + Years
  • Operating Systems/APIs Windows Server Yes 1 Lead Currently Using 6 + Years
  • Program Management financial management Yes 1 Lead Currently Using 6 + Years
  • Program Management Management Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 6 + Years
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Disaster Recovery Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 6 + Years
  • Software Framwork ITIL Yes 1 Advanced Currently Using 6 + Years
  • Specialties Experience in developing and maintaining documentation for policies, procedures, and best practices Yes 1 Lead Currently Using 6 + Years
  • Specialties System Imaging Yes 1 Lead Currently Using 6 + Years


2 Months

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