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Lansing, Michigan


April 8, 2019


Information Technology





Job# J448

Information Management Program Advisor/Architect

About The Opportunity

Job Description

  • This would be a “Information Management Program Advisor / Architect” Consulting role
  • Assist the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Program and Director with analysis, assessment, and creation of the Enterprise Data and Information Management strategic plan, and an Enterprise wide architecture and solution for the same
  • Conduct research and data collection to understand the Michigan key business processes, and Data / IT systems
  • Run focus groups, and facilitate workshops and meetings with key staff and stakeholders
  • Act in an advisory capacity on a range of issues including but not limited to, IT and Data Governance, Policies and Procedures, Organizational structure, and Charting a course for a broad technology strategy that is scalable and sustainable in the future
  • Help lay out the Data Governance policies, procedures, processes, and organizational structure needed to realize successful project and support outcomes
  • Build Data architecture principles, create models of data that enable the implementation of the intended business architecture, create diagrams/schemas showing key data entities, and create an inventory of the data needed to implement the architecture vision
  • Prepare business proposals and presentations for significant Enterprise wide Data and Analytics technology solution(s)
  • Build Cost Benefit Analyses for proposal options presented by the Enterprise Information Management Program
  • Compare Data and IT architecture, and solutions, across similar agencies in the United States and abroad; present and incorporate key insights and learnings

Required Skills

  • Extensive experience conducting analysis, and providing recommendations for enterprise wide Data / Analytics / Application solutions and strategy Required 10 Years
  • Ability to conceive, document, and portray the enterprise-wide data, application, and business process picture in detail, and also at the 30,000 ft Required 10 Years
  • Experience formulating root causes and developing recommendations through actionable plans Required 10 Years
  • Depth in Enterprise level application and data solution designs - from conceptualization to optimization Required 10 Years
  • Experience with established Enterprise level technologies and applications, and strong knowledge of emerging data technologies Required 10 Years
  • Able to emphasize methodology, modeling, and governance Required 10 Years
  • Able to articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and be persuasive Required 10 Years

Desired Skills

  • Experience creating RFPs for Enterprise Data / Application solution needs Highly desired 10 Years
  • Experience at large organizations with significant Data & IT footprints; transportation or infrastructure related experience Highly desired 10 Years
  • Enthusiastic, yet Objective - Technologically and Politically neutral Highly desired 10 Years


12 Months

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