AD-Administration / Clerical

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Mason, Ohio


April 19, 2019


AD-Administration / Clerical





Job# J507

Data Analyst Lead

About The Opportunity

Job Description

  • The range of responsibility is based on the experience level of the associate. The Data Analyst acts as the main information and reporting resource and systems expert for the Product/Planning team. Demonstrates leadership in critical thinking skills and challenges the department to analyze the business in new ways and continually drive results. Viewed as an expert for the area of responsibility. Responsibilities include analyzing performance within the department, develop methodologies and functionalities to automate and streamline reporting tools and databases for the Product/Planning team, and provide training to incoming associates.
  • Systems Administration
  • Represent the Product Group to evaluate data requirements and work with IT on development of systems, file structures and data elements (i.e., SGH data warehouse, Marketmax priming data and JDA attributes)
  • Act as consultant on systems projects to maximize efficiencies and resources.
  • Participate in user acceptance testing of new systems or enhancements/modifications.
  • Trouble shoot issues encountered by user group, monitor and communicate to IT/Supply Ops.
  • Document all newly developed processes and automation tools for Product Group.
  • Become system expert and transfer knowledge through formal training classes and informal 1-on-1 assistance.
  • Ensure integrity of data structure, processes and related tools (i.e., Universal Product Codes or Multi-Sourced Items) and communicate details to other parties like counterparts in Italy. Report Creation, Generation and Automation
  • Play a key role in the startup of all projects requiring data analysis. Identify best practice to obtain information and develop a format to provide the information to management.
  • Assist team with development of complex Excel spreadsheets, automation formulas, and custom formatting of reports.
  • Manipulate data (merging or importing/exporting) between databases to provide more useful information.
  • Streamline processes to minimize time and ensure highest level of accuracy, including validation before delivery to end-user.
  • Prepare regular (weekly/monthly) reports utilizing the report-writing tools Business Objects, MS Query and/or AS 400 query, continually modifying to meet new business requirements. Data Analysis and Forecasting
  • Provide Planning Manager with historical sales and inventory information and make recommendations on product and inventory direction where necessary.
  • Recap promotional activity and determine impact on sales and recommended adjustments to future forecasts for related items.
  • Evaluate performance at a style/SKU level and forecast sales/replenishments based on style cannibalization, stock position, and expansion plans within the assortment.
  • Translate analysis/findings into information to guide Planning or Product Managers on assortment decisions.
  • Supply upper management with analysis of key performance indicators within department/classifications.
  • Evaluate inventory supply to support promotional events and communicate issues to marketing representatives/upper management
  • Track seasonal indices by classification for planning and comparison to factory forecasts.

Required Skills

    Familiar with SAP
  • Can you please provide 4-5 detailed sentences as to why this temp labor is needed and why the assignment can not be completed by an internal resource? The more details that you can provide the better your chances are of avoiding delays: Currently LLS and Wholesale serves the same ECPs under two different business structures. The accounts are not connected in any way through our systems. As a result, we cannot cross promote or target based on usage. We need to identify a field within SAP to cross reference the account to enable data pulls when queried. Once the field is identified, we need to manually populate it across all existing customers. No internal IT resources are available.
  • Fraud and Analyst and data and claim and record and investi* and report


5 Months

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