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Dimondale, Michigan


April 23, 2019


Information Technology





Job# J515

Exception - SAMO

About The Opportunity

To support State of Michigan (SOM), Software Asset Management and Optimization (SAMO) activities, Michigan is planning to upgrade the Flexera FlexNet Management Suite application and integrate with BMC Atrium CMDB utilizing System Center Configuration Manage

Job Description

  • The SAMO Program’s FlexNet Management Suite application currently collects hardware and software discovery information from approximately 56,000 computers and 5,500 servers (physical and virtual), through interfaces with Microsoft SCCM, FlexNet beacons and agents, and BMC Discovery (formerly ADDM). Microsoft user-license information is provided through an Office 365 Connector. The current running version is FlexNet 2017 R3 on Windows 2012 Server R2, with Java 1.6 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
  • The consultant(s) will work closely with technical teams in the SOM, Department Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) to perform the system upgrades, integrate with BMC Atrium CMDB following state standards and providing an accurate software asset management lifecycle system. This will include management and coordination of software installations and upgrades, creation and updates of technical documentation, and implementation of system administration.
  • Consultant(s) must demonstrate:
  • Strong experience with Flexera FlexNet Management Suite software installation and configuration
  • Experience with integration with Atrium CMDB
  • Experience with integration with BMC Discovery
  • Experience with integration with Microsoft SCCM
  • Experience with deploying and configuring FlexNet agents and beacons
  • Tasks:
  • Plan, document, and implement FlexNet integration with Atrium CMDB
  • Perform FlexNet upgrade for test and production from current installed version to latest released version.
  • Develop and implement a FlexNet connector for the Adobe Administrative Console for Adobe Software
  • Provide and document recommendations on system communications, including network traffic, firewalls, and beacon and agent configuration for each server
  • Data expansion of the BMC Discovery-Flexnet integration
  • Document server agent deployment process and configuration for each server
  • Document data model for FlexNet
  • Configure, implement, and document the Office 365 Connector
  • Enhancements to the procurement record connector for the state’s procurement system, including FTP data transfer
  • Compare BMC Discovery data to FlexNet to identify gaps, and document method
  • Compare and document Atrium data to FlexNet data to identify gaps
  • Compare and document SCCM data to FlexNet to identify gaps
  • Compare and document Flexnet Agent discovery to BMC Discovery
  • Remediate gaps discovered between FlexNet and the various data sources
  • Ensure all SOM servers and workstations and their associated software are in FlexNet
  • Document and remediate PURL update failure
  • Knowledge transfer - provide training and documentations of all actions to SOM Technical Support Team (to be signed off on by the technical team)
  • Propose and document solutions and implement technical solutions encountered in software onboarding
  • Provide a process to manually load and associate software to an asset (server and workstation)
  • Test manual load process
  • On-site user training
  • Assess current deployment and remediate any issues

Required Skills

  • Integrating FlexNet with Microsoft SCCM Required 3 Years
  • Integrating FlexNet with BMC Discovery Required 3 Years
  • Integrating FlexNet with BMC Atrium CMDB Required 3 Years
  • Deploying FlexNet agents in distributed server environments, including Windows, Solaris, and Linux Required 3 Years
  • Integrating FlexNet with Office 365 online portal Required 2 Years
  • Integrating FlexNet with Adobe Admin Console Required 2 Years
  • Managing license inventory and compliance reconciliation for products including Microsoft, Oracle Database, IBM, Adobe Required 3 Years


6 Months

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