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Des Moines, Iowa


April 29, 2019


Information Technology





Job# J533

SDP6- Scrum Team Java / J2EE Developer

About The Opportunity

Job Description

  • This position is for a front and back end Developer who can work at a quick & accurate pace. The successful candidate works closely with the systems implementation team as part of the new Agile collaborated team of DHS. Working on the enhancements for Iowa- DHS provided self-service portal which is used by the citizens to submit the online applications to get the DHS provided programs like (Medicaid and Food Assistance programs). The candidate will eventually work on moving Food Assistance and FIP from the Mainframe Legacy System to the ELIAS - ABMS system.
  • The candidate will focus on enhancements with skillset emphasis on JAVA version 1.6 or above, JDBC, JAX API, JSP, HTML, Junit, Spring MVC, REST and SOAP Web services, SoapUI, Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic, Maven, Eclipse IDE/Any Similar IDE, and Oracle Service Bus. Web design experience, Adobe - AEM and Linux Shell usage, and scripting experience a plus.
  • The candidate is expected to Participate in development, unit testing activities, SCRUM team activities such as Back Log Grooming (Functional and Technical), Sprint Retrospective and Sprint planning, code reviews and peer reviews.
  • The candidate will have the ability to identify Document online configuration updates and facilitate maintenance, fixing defects identified in testing and escalating issues to management as necessary.

Required Skills

  • Experience in developing custom/ERP systems with involvement in coding (JAVA, SQL, JSP, Java Script, SOAP and REST)
  • Experience Developing online customizations to the existing web application products with hands on coding using (JAVA, SQL, JSP and Java Script) Technologies.
  • Experience in Developing SOAP and REST based web services.
  • Experience with Oracle Technologies like (Oracle 11g/12c, Oracle WebLogic 11g/ 12c, OSB 11g / 12c
  • Experience working with the Oracle WebLogic for deploying applications in local mode
  • Experience with Unit testing the developed customizations using the JUNIT related technologies like (Mockito/Power Mock API)
  • Experience working with the Maven for building application in local.
  • Experience working with other developers, designers, and architects to ensure the configuration and custom components meet application requirements and performance goals
  • Experience Following security coding practices to ensure the application is free of most common coding vulnerabilities
  • Experience with full Software Development Lifecycle
  • Experience working as part of an SAFE Agile scrum team by participating in Scrum ceremonies like Planning, Grooming , Retrospective to rapidly deliver functional components.

Desired Skills

  • AEM form templates and AEM form generation experience
  • Linux usage experience and shell scripting experience


2 Months + Ext

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