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Columbia, South Carolina


May 2, 2019


Information Technology





Job# J553

CL - Software Developer (Java) - Consultant

About The Opportunity

SC is seeking an expert User Interface (UI) Designer to work directly with the OIM and Medicaid Enterprise System (MES) leadership teams to ensure the successful completion of a front-end application for the MES.

Job Description

  • The UI Designer will work closely with the UI Developer and other design specialists to ensure that the completed MES front-end applications conform to the overall vision and requirements set forth by MES Project Directors/Project Managers, Technical Directors/Developers, Business and Technology Stakeholders/Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and other Agency staff.
  • We are looking for candidates with significant, current experience in South Carolina Medicaid or other public benefit programs who are highly organized, can work independently in a fast-paced environment and produce multiple quality deliverables with varying deadlines. Candidates should have an excellent understanding of development concepts and System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) methodologies.
  • Essential Responsibilities
  • Analyze, design and execute against UI directives as determined by business and technical requirements
  • Validate user actions on the client side and create solutions based on responsive feedback
  • Rapidly create prototypes that help communicate and evaluate designs
  • Grasp the mechanisms through which content is transformed (breakpoints, CSS media queries, etc.)
  • Program Experience:
  • Current experience with South Carolina Medicaid, Social Services, or similar public benefit programs is strongly desired and will be given the highest weight. Experience must responsive and adaptive design experience in the development of front-end applications using SDLC methodology.
  • Experience with multi-vendor environments is preferred.
  • Experience creating and using self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components to turn interfaces into user experiences.
  • Experience with multi-tenant environments, cloud services and vendor interface management would be considered desirable for this position.
  • The UI Designer should have experience with Agile/ SCRUM methodology
  • General Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Assist (and often lead) in the design, development, implementation and/or ongoing maturation of MES User Interfaces
  • Deliver a complete front-end application
  • Design intelligible, compliant interfaces to accomplish tasks as defined by MES leadership
  • Prepare and present information, both verbally and in writing, to multiple levels of Agency leadership

Required Skills

  • Education Bachelor’s degree in a technical or business field Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 2 - 4 Years
  • Program Management Agile/Scrum Methodology Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 2 - 4 Years
  • Programming Languages Angular JS Yes 1 2 - 4 Years
  • Programming Languages CSS3 Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 2 - 4 Years
  • Programming Languages HTML5 Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 2 - 4 Years
  • Programming Languages JavaScript Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 2 - 4 Years
  • Web Tools UI/UX Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 2 - 4 Years


12 Months

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