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Salem, Oregon


May 13, 2020


Information Technology





Job# J615

Application Systems Analysis/Programming Manager IV

About The Opportunity

Job Description

  • Full-time professional work experience in Information Technology. At least one (9) years of the experience must be in an Administrative; Managerial; or Supervisory capacity. Substitutions: Accredited college training may substitute for the required work experience, except for the supervisory experience, with a maximum substitution of four (4) years. (Fifteen (15) semester hours in Information Technology or a related area is required.) Accredited graduate training in the above area may substitute for the required work experience, except for the supervisory experience, with a maximum substitution of two (2) years. Successfully completion of an Information Technology Certification program, may substitute for the required work experience with a maximum substitution of two (2) years. (Proof of certification must accompany application.) Two (2) years of work experience as an Application Systems Analysis/Programming-Supervisor may substitute for all of the required experience.
  • This effort will support ODOT Human Resources as they use the Enterprise Workday system and continue to improve agency processes and User materials and training. A focus of this work will be ensuring that the agency is using Workday data, which is structured very differently than our legacy HR data, to meet current and forecasted data needs for agency systems and all agency reporting needs relying on HR data.

Required Skills

  • Business Process Improvement Advanced Yes
  • Communication skills both verbal and written Proficient No
  • Data Analysis Advanced No
  • Data Modeling Advanced No
  • Data Warehousing Advanced No
  • Experience with Workday Software Advanced No
  • Learning ability Advanced Yes
  • MicrosoftOffice Advanced Yes
  • Transact-SQL Proficient No


6 Months

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