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Raleigh, North Carolina


May 15, 2020


Information Technology





Job# J620

Technical Specialist - Senior - High

About The Opportunity

The COVID-19 Rhapsody/JavaScript Systems specialists will assist with lab reporting for COVID-19, build support for other automated reporting feeds and assist with data formatting for required outbound data reports.

Job Description

  • COVID 19 Rhapsody/JavaScript Systems Specialist. The NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), in collaboration with its partners, seeks the expertise of Electronic Reporting Interoperability Systems Specialists with Rhapsody and JavaScript skills. These specialists will assist in onboarding additional labs for electronic lab reporting for COVID-19 and debug problems found during daily reconciliation for labs. They will also build support for automatic processing of new data feeds for COVID-19 data such as electronic case reports and potential information from other systems. .
  • The positions work with hospital personnel, NC DPH communicable disease epidemiologists, and NC DPH IT application specialists to coordinate and create schedules and application interfaces to exchange patient/disease data utilizing various formats including HL7 V2 and V3 specifications as well as structured files. Position ensures standard exchange protocols (HL7), standard vocabulary, etc. are utilized for moving COVID-19 health information between independent medical and public health applications, in near real time. Positions ensure that information exchange processes accurately report health information data and maintain privacy and security of data under applicable data security and confidentiality standards. Positions will develop and apply standards-based transforms and/or system application code to support local and national exchange of health information. Positions will configure operational platforms to facilitate information exchange, specifically Orion Rhapsody (with JavaScript) that is used for NC DHHS\'s existing electronic laboratory reporting (ELR).
  • Positions will conduct quality control processes that compare electronic records with existing paper records to ensure complete, accurate and timely reporting .

Required Skills

  • Prior experience writing logic for Heath information system Required 5 Years
  • XMLTransform experience, including Document Type Definitions, Schema Required 3 Years
  • Prior experience troubleshooting HL7 coding Required 2 Years
  • Data exchange interface engine experience Required 3 Years
  • Experience with Industry standard vocabulary code sets such as SNOMED, LOINC, and ICD10 (must have at least 1)- required- 2 years Required 2 Years
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills with the ability to explain concepts with both health care professionals and IT personnel Required 5 Years

Desired Skills

  • Orion Rhapsody experience Highly desired 3 Years
  • Experience with JavaScript Highly desired 3 Years
  • Experience with laboratory data and EDI transaction processing Highly desired 3 Years


10 Months

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