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Morrisville, North Carolina


May 19, 2020


Information Technology





Job# J627

Technical Specialist - Senior - Normal

About The Opportunity

The Technical Specialist is a senior level resource with specialized knowledge and experience in a specific technology.

Job Description

The Technical Specialist is a senior level resource with specialized knowledge and experience in a specific technology. The Technical Specialist has an overall knowledge and understanding of Dev-Ops that serves as a strong base for technical expertise in a specific product or program. Under direct supervision of the Director of Technology the Dev-Ops Manager is responsible managing all change and release management for NCTA Statewide owned and operated facilities. This primarily includes the release and change management including verification from vendors for all system and operations changes with Customer Service Center and Quick Pass. This role is also responsible to support quality assurance of toll collection system to help maximize revenue collection efficiency within NCTA. Able to identify best practices and standards for setting up Dev-Ops process for NCTA. May function as a niche technical SME. Advanced experience in the required technical subject matter. Proven experience with a technical specialty across large and complex implementations and systems.

Required Skills

  • Knowledge and exp of working in environment where service providers are responsible for software development life cycle and you provide approvals Required 3 Years
  • Experience in change management tools to streamline issue tracking process Required 5 Years
  • Experience in facilitating change management and configuration management boards and governance processes Required 3 Years
  • Experience in developing process for planned and emergency changes in coordination with different project stake holders Required 3 Years
  • Knowledge and experience with deploying software using data exchange and object notation formats such as JSON and XML Required 3 Years
  • Fluent in Microsoft Office, project schedule and other related tools required to manage project. Required 3 Years
  • Ability to work effectively in both as self-starter and in team environment. Required 1 Years

Desired Skills

  • Expertise in change management tools like ServiceNow Helix, Cherwell etc.. Desired 2 Years
  • Knowledge in deploying software for container-based application using Kubernetes Desired 1 Years
  • Knowledge and experience deploying secure code and working knowledge of OWASP principals Desired 1 Years
  • Ability to consult with other teams to advise on for new capacity or expansion projects to ensure changes and releases are planned with stakeholders Desired 1 Years
  • Ability to work with quality assurance audit of service providers to ensure KPI are met or exceeded Desired 1 Years
  • Ability to work with diverse groups, the general public, consultants, and staff, with sensitivity to their needs, priorities, promises made and commit Highly desired 1 Years


6 Months

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