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San Francisco, California


May 19, 2020


Information Technology





Job# J630

Data and Analytics Infrastructure Support

About The Opportunity

Note: Local and GC or Citizen candidates preferred.

Job Description

    Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Working with SFMTA staff to understand, define, and, if necessary, refine business objectives.
  • Defining, refining, and documenting metrics to support key business objectives.
  • Identifying measures used to create metrics.
  • Creating and refining data and analytic models or schemas to support SFMTA’s general analytics including analysis and reporting.
  • Drafting specifications for APIs and other interfaces to support business objectives, metrics, and reporting and analysis needs.
  • Making recommendations for data transformations including quality control and validation requirements.
  • Documenting business workflows.
  • Creating reports and dashboards.
  • Building pipelines to extract, ingest, process, and load data as batch and real-time operations.
  • Implementing data and analytic models or schemas.
  • Ensuring ingested and processed data are associated with quality codes.
  • Implementing monitoring and alerting processes.
  • Creating pipelines utilizing distributed technologies for storage and processing (especially Kudu, HDFS, Spark, and Azure technologies)
  • Implementing processes for replication and high availability.
  • Implementing processes for managing sensitive datasets.

Required Skills

    Experience Required:
  • 8 Years of Software design and architecture experience.
  • Collective 5 years’ experience in data engineering, data analysis, data warehousing, and data transformation.
  • Experience in architecture, building, and administering large-scale distributed applications.
  • Comprehensive understanding of big data eco-system.
  • In-depth understanding of data warehousing and BI concepts, including hands on experience building ETL/ELT data pipelines using advanced SQL programming.
  • Software engineering experience, and strong fundamentals in algorithms, data structures, predictive modeling and big data concepts.
  • Experience in building SDKs and APIs to publish data from various sources to build real-time pipelines.
  • Experience in processing large volumes of data in real-time and batch modes.


3 Years

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