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Fort Bend County, Texas


July 9, 2020







Job# J766

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

About The Opportunity

Licensed Clinical Social Worker provides clinical social work services to patients and their families during this COVID-19 pandemic. Counsels and provides crisis intervention for patients, including assessment and treatment of emotional and behavioral problems. Coaches patients on how to manage ongoing health conditions, traumatic situations and provides therapy to help patients make positive behavior changes.

Job Description

    Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Develop and nurture mutual relationship and confidence with patients. Evaluate patients’ conditions to determine the level of care and assistance they need. Retrieve patients’ personal and social health history in order to determine their conditions. Work together with patients to come up with effective and realizable treatment techniques that will yield good results. Enhance clients’ cognitive and behavioral changes that are in line with the overall treatment. Evaluate the efficiency of all treatments administered to patients and identify the most effective ones. Understand the individuality of patients and come up with specific treatments that meet their individual conditions. Attend courses and trainings organized for clinical social workers in order to learn new skills and techniques for better treatment of patients. Keep clean records and documentation of clients’ information, conditions, treatments and progress. Direct clients to available community resources which are beneficial to them. Ensure that clients are aware of assistance from the government and help them get it. Check on patients even after treatment, to avoid a relapse of their condition. Work with the family of patients to provide all the care and support they need to heal faster. as well as other duties and tasks as assigned by manager.

Required Skills


3 Months

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