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Raleigh, North Carolina


September 8, 2020


Information Technology





Job# J896

Technical Specialist - Mid-Level - Norm

About The Opportunity

The Department of the State Treasurer is seeking a candidate to perform technical and analytical work supporting SLGFD in multiple analytics projects. The candidate will serve as part of a 4-person development team as well as work independently.

Job Description

  • ***Remote work is allowed until staff return to site. The candidate will need to come to the office the first day for orientation and to get all equipment. He or she may be required to come onsite from time to time. The manager will provide as much notice as possible when required to come onsite.
  • The NC Department of State Treasurer (DST) is a dynamic state agency that serves the people of North Carolina through a variety of functions related to the personal and financial health of the state and its citizens. DST manages $100 billion in assets and the retirement systems for more than 900,000 members including teachers. firefighters, law enforcement officers. state and local government employees and other public workers. The department serves as the State’s Banker for all State agencies, universities, and community colleges, who are considered its customers. The department also administers the State Health Plan. which provides health benefits to more than 720,000 members and dependents. In addition, DST provides fiscal assistance and expertise to local governmental units by assisting them in the sale of local government debt obligations and in maintaining strong fiscal procedures, along with managing the NC Cash database that holds approximately 11.5 million properties valued at nearly $2 billion.
  • The Information Technology Division\'s (ITD) primary purpose is to plan, develop, implement and support the technology systems that meet the operational needs of DST. In support of NC State and Local Government Finance Division (SLGFD) we are seeking a Data Analyst to with high level data architecture experience and the ability to perform hands-on development.
  • The Department of the State Treasurer is seeking a candidate to perform technical and analytical work supporting SLGFD in multiple analytics projects. The candidate will serve as part of a 4-person development team as well as work independently.
  • Development duties include:
  • Perform data analysis and develop analytic solutions
  • Work with Data Engineers, Data Architects, to define back-end requirements for data products (aggregations, materialized views, tables – visualization)
  • Data investigation to discover correlations / trends and the ability to explain them
  • Develop frameworks and processes to analyze unstructured information
  • Assist in Azure Power BI architecture design
  • SLGFD handles the sale and delivery of all State and local debt and monitors the repayment of State and local government debt. Staff counsel and assist local governments in determining the feasibility of projects, the size of the financing and the most expedient form of financing. SLGFD is automating many manual processes and consolidating data. Mining models, dashboards and additional reporting needs will access structured and unstructured data from disparate sources.
  • The candidate is required to be proficient with MS SQL Server 2016, MS Power BI, SSRS, MS Visual Studio, and Excel.
  • The candidate is required to interact with SLGFD business owners to gain an understanding of current business processes and how data is gathered and utilized in those processes.
  • The candidate is required to have the ability to interact and serve as a technical resource to technicians and analysts. The candidate is required to possess a high technical knowledge level of data analysis and programming and must understand detailed technical issues to assist in designing the data architecture.
  • The candidate is required to interact with and serve as a key resource in solving problems of high complexity to other analysts and technicians. The candidate is required to possess the ability to recommend methods of resolving problems.
  • The candidate is required to consult with clients on issues and requests that require the implementation or creation of a custom solution. The candidate is required to plan and work on shared or joint projects and coordinate with others to achieve agreed upon outcomes.
  • The candidate is required to establish a positive relationship by demonstrating ownership of customer issues and solicit and select appropriate information and best method or format for delivering or receiving it either in writing or verbally.

Required Skills

  • Power BI Required 1 Years
  • SQl Server Reporting Services Required 2 Years
  • Microsoft SQL Server Required 3 Years
  • Excel Programing Required 3 Years


11 Months

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