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Greensboro , North Carolina


September 9, 2020


Information Technology





Job# J900

Developer/Programmer- Mid Level

About The Opportunity

  • The City of Greensboro has a requirement for a Developer for an initial six month engagement with the possibility of becoming permanent. Candidates can work remotely but will need to come onsite initially.
  • As a contractor for the City\'s Application Services Division, you will be working with a small but seamless team of permanent employees and contractors supporting, maintaining, and even replacing our portfolio of 150 applications, under occasional supervision and guidance of the Principal Software Engineer (Application Services Manager).
  • All duties are shared between all team members and may include MS SQL database moves, ad-hoc change requests, work on action items to replace one of our legacy apps, working on brand new software as well as 15-year-old legacy apps. Every 8 weeks or so, you will be expected to fulfill two week rotation in a support role as the \'DoC\', monitoring and handling email support requests over slightly extended business hours, and may be given maintenance tasks to complete during that time, depending on the support workload.
  • You can expect to broaden and deepen your software engineering skills, learning on the job and through collaboration, creating maintenance patches or change requests on old technologies such VB.NET (even some VB6 and classic ASP). A fair amount of work is on our modern, innovative Service Oriented Architecture \"SOALite\" and its SPA clients. You may also be required to contribute to our other state-of-the-art C# frameworks, such as the \"ePayLite\" electronic payment modules, the \"Payment Pipeline Architecture\", the \"Data Pipeline\" or our CI server, depending on which Sprint comes next in our Agile Kanban-driven approach to work.

Job Description

  • The ideal candidate will be someone who takes pride in \"getting things done\". They consistently work hard and are able to avoid distractions associated with remote work. They can solve complex problems in familiar and unfamiliar technologies, working unsupervised as well as collaboratively with the Team. The engineer will be expected to understand the meaning of clean code and be able to recognize when code is and is not clean, and is expected to hit the ground running, with a minimal, guided ramp-up. Most of our applications are business critical and we have a backlog of 2500 hours, so above all, the engineer is expected to get things done quickly, and consistently. You will be required to help our internal customers and to have sufficient verbal and written communication skills.
  • ****On day one, the engineer must come into the office to pick up the laptop and monitors and spend time on the internal network to complete the bandwidth-heavy development environment set-up on a freshly imaged computer, while you read our 50-page wiki-based \'divisional handbook\' hosted on Azure DevOps. Set-up will take 1-3 days. After this, the engineer will be expected to work remotely in a safe, distraction-free environment with sufficient connectivity and bandwidth to carry out the duties. There *may* be exceptional circumstances requiring the engineer to come into the office.
  • To start, the engineer will be given routine maintenance to complete, subject to heavy code review to ensure the changes meet our high standards. Reviews will lessen over time to occasionally or peer-review as the engineer learns our standards and challenges. We have a significant body of knowledge documenting idiosyncrasies of many of our legacy apps and an incremental improvement approach to SQL data fixes, which are still occasionally needed, and you will be expected to contribute to and improve the knowledge base as you discover shortfalls or innovate improvements.
  • Engineers are not guaranteed work on any particular project, but projects on the roadmap include, among others: Move 40+ databases from MS SQL 2008 to 2017; Finish the PlanReviewLite replacement electronic Plan Review system. Updated 80+ apps from VS2015 to VS2019 and other standards; GIS Enterprise Preparation, Infor Interface migration Preparation, Electronic Payment Replacement, Building Permits & Inspections Application Replacement, Payment Pipeline module creation, replacement of VB6 applications, automated API and (Selenium-based) UI tests and others.
  • Essential skills include C#, .NET, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, XML, JSON, HTTP, Ajax, Microsoft (\"T\") SQL and version control (preferably GIT). You will be expected to perform well with the basic shortcut keys used by most professional software engineers.
  • Other skills you will be expected to quickly adopt on the job or possess already are VB.NET, ASP.NET, IIS, SQL Server, DevOps, GIT, SOAP, Crystal Reports, and Windows Batch Script. You will not create brand-new code in legacy technologies such as VB.NET or VB6, but you may be required to figure out how to patch or enhance them safely and successfully.

Required Skills

  • Version Control Required 3 Years
  • Code Editor Shortcut keys Required 3 Years
  • Clean Code Required 2 Years
  • Object Oriented Programming Required 4 Years
  • Customer Service & Support Required 1 Years
  • C# and .NET Required 3 Years
  • SQL Server Programming (T-SQL) Required 2 Years
  • JQuery Required 1 Years
  • HTML & CSS Required 2 Years
  • XML Required 2 Years
  • JSON & Ajax Required 1 Years
  • SQL Server Database Management: SSIS, Backups, Database Moves Highly desired 1 Years
  • GIT Desired 1 Years
  • VB.NET Nice to have 1 Years
  • ASP.NET Nice to have 1 Years
  • IIS Configuration and Management Nice to have 1 Years
  • Model View Controller, Model View View Model, Strategy, Factory, and similar Software Design Patterns Nice to have 1 Years
  • SOAP Nice to have 1 Years
  • Crystal Reports Nice to have 1 Years
  • Windows Batch Scripting Nice to have 1 Years
  • DevOps Nice to have 1 Years
  • VB6 Nice to have 1 Years
  • Service Oriented Architecture Nice to have 1 Years


5 Months

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