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Maricopa, Arizona


September 21, 2020


Information Technology





Job# J930

Loader Operator

About The Opportunity

Responsible for preparing organic mixes using a heavy equipment loader, pushes piles to ensure segregation of materials and places material in the shakers to ensure the machines have a continuous flow of material.

Job Description

  • Prepares organic mixes by using the Bill of Materials to ensure the correct ingredients are used in the correct proportions
  • Supplies the line with a continuous supply of material
  • Pushes piles to ensure setbacks, pile height and stockpile shaping meets the criteria set by the Department of Environmental Health Services
  • Performs a safety and equipment check before each use of the loader
  • Receives load tickets from haulers, ensures accuracy, signs, accumulate until the end of the day and forwards the tickets in a neat and clean appearance to the office personnel for inventory entry
  • Pumps diesel fuel into the loader by an electrical pump and ensures all safety practices are used to prevent injury
  • Monitors the stock piles for excessive heat, turns stockpiles and ensures the proper amount of water is used to prepare the stockpile for production use Meets quality and quantity standards
  • Performs the proper operation and minor maintenance of equipment
  • Accurately verifies quantity of material.

Required Skills

  • High School Diploma or GED - 2-4 years experience in heavy equipment operation
  • Skills and Competencies:-
  • Ability to operate and maintain heavy equipment (loader/dozer)
  • Ability to maintain stockpile slopes to ensure safe work environment
  • Ability to sit in a loader for many hours in a dusty, hot environment
  • Ability to climb into and out of equipment repeatedly
  • Knowledge of safe practice and procedures
  • Ability to read English and/or follow instructions, and communicate effectively
  • Required Skills
  • Loader
  • Work Authorization
  • US Citizen
  • Green Card


9 Months

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