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Raleigh, North Carolina


September 22, 2020


Information Technology





Job# J941

Developer/Programmer- Mid Level

About The Opportunity

NCSOS is looking for a Web Developer that can work on modifying and enhancing their current website. They would also like the Web Developer to create a function that will allow all staff to change/update their own content on the site when necessary.

Job Description

***The candidate can work remotely but will be required to come onsite from time to time. The candidate will need to go onsite the first day to pick up equipment. Expected Skills: Able to work without assistance; can provide limited leadership to others; able to manage medium complexity work efforts; may have industry experience. Due to the Corvid-19 virus the citizens of North Carolina are filing, creating businesses and applying for certifications over the internet. The NC Department of the Secretary of State’s Office website requires some adjustments and upgrading to be brought up to the standards our current society expects and understands. The Department is in dire need of webmaster with the skills to not only maintain the website and keep it “ever green” but to graphically create a website which will provide our public with user friendly pages so that the economic growth expected will continue and North Carolina’s business climate will be attractive enough to continue to foster new business opportunities, create jobs, and serve its citizens. Must be experience in CSS, HTML, .NET, Java Script and Jquery

Required Skills


3 Months

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