Doing Business with Staffactory


Any supplier interested in doing business with Staffactory must complete and submit a Supplier Registration Form. Proper completion of the form, and the follow-up forms sent there-after, is required by the Supplier to certify its eligibility to do business with the Staffactory. The application registration should be completed and submitted on-line through this website. Suppliers unable to submit on-line should contact the Corporate Procurement Section at Completion of the supplier registration Form does not imply that the Supplier is eligible or qualified to meet the Staffactory’s and Its client’s procurement requirements nor does it guarantee that the Staffactory will do business with any potential Supplier.

At Staffactory, we believe that good corporate citizenship includes supporting supplier diversity efforts to create sustainable economic development in the communities where we live and work.

If you are a certified diverse supplier interested in doing business with Staffactory, registering is an important step toward establishing a relationship with us. Please complete the form below.

Apply to Become a Supplier

Staffactory is an innovative hiring marketplace that connects hundreds of hiring organizations (Public and Private sector), to hand-picked, proven staffing agencies that find the best talent for them and get benefits like

Access to thousands of new jobs posted every day by our Public and Private sector clients

An AI-powered technology that filters and matches the top jobs for your skillsets to make sure you have preferred access to jobs you can fill faster.

A way to mobilize your existing talent pool and increase your earnings at no extra cost.

And much more, at no cost to join. You simply get paid when you fill a position.

To ensure we have the right staffing agencies working with us, we need to make sure that you are a good fit for us and our clients. That`s why we need you to tell us a bit more about yourself - you should be done in less than 5 minutes.

The next steps for you to join us are:

Complete online registration for Supplier & Diversity network

Scheduling a call with Somesh Sharma (Supplier Engagement Manager).

Sign partnership contract and mutual NDA.

Receive access to Staffactory’s hiring portal (Vector VMS).

Review open requisitions and begin submitting candidates.